christmas cards

What I'm Working On - Holiday Cards!

I'm a former retail worker. I totally understand how obnoxious it is to walk into a store in the second week of October and see Christmas shit everywhere. (Pro tip: Don't harass the employees about how much this annoys you. They don't want to put it up any more than you want to see it.)

That being said, I am making my debut this year as a holiday card designer, and I have to get out ahead of it in order for people to be thinking about my cards by the time they're ready to buy. These two designs are completed and ready to decorate your loved ones' fridges and card trees!

You can purchase through my shop at Red Bubble. I am busily designing more, so stay tuned!

And yes, I am accepting commissions for custom cards. Please contact me with your idea, and we'll get started!

Filled with holiday spirit,