Things I Wish More People Understood

1. Before responding to someone's post, check the comments to make sure someone else hasn't already said it.

2. Feminists don't hate men - they hate the patriarchy.

3. Cashiers don't set the prices, customer service doesn't make the rules, and waiters don't control how fast the food cooks.

4. It's hard to make good decisions, but it's really easy to not make bad ones.

5. When someone says you're being racist, they're not saying you're a bad person. They're saying you did or said something racist, and you need to stop.

6. Being an adult is way better than being a kid.

7. The government encourages the bottom economic tier to keep fighting among themselves, so they won't band together and start a revolution.

8. Try to match traffic speed before merging.

9. Always be nicer to people than they deserve.

10. No one's mind has ever been changed from a Facebook comment argument.


Interested in your thoughts!

I forgot I had a blog

I got this website a year ago, mostly because I wanted a site with a blog feature. Then I didn't know what to blog about, and kind of forgot that I had one. Now I remember, and I should probably write something.

I didn't know until recently that the Arts Council of Napa Valley regularly posts calls and requests for art. I checked it out, and the next open call was for the Summer of Love exhibition. So I came up with this painting, and just barely squeaked it in before the deadline.

The theme is that the Summer of Love is turning 50 years old, so come up with something that commemorates that somehow. I decided to marry the relevant and urgent message of Black Lives Matter with the psychedelic aesthetic of the 1960s. I did it with Derwent FW Acrylic Inks on watercolor paper.

In other news, I have two heaters running in my house and one is pointing directly at my feet, because I'm a total weiner when it comes to being cold.